Features of TwinOxide® Chlorine Dioxide
· Limited investment cost (only dosage installation needed);
· A yield of nearly 100%
· Less load on sewage;
· A higher solubility in water;

Features compared to chlorine
· Reduced residue in water;
· No chloramines (bounded chlorine) building;
· Higher yield (up to 260% more oxidation output compared to chlorine);
· Higher material tolerance;

Other features
· Upto 20 days shelf life (after mixing component A & B) at 22 degrees Celsius in dark storage facility;
· For unmixed powders, a guarantee of 5 years after date of production;
· Not explosive;
· Can be used by small, medium and heavy users.
· With TwinOxide® small and medium users too can dispose of an effective, safe and economical chlorine dioxide;
· With TwinOxide® the smell, taste and color of water improve;
· With TwinOxide® control of slime and biofilm formation;
· With TwinOxide® a broad protection against micro-organisms (viruses, germs, legionella, salmonella, bacteria) in a broad pH range of level 4-10;
· Reduction of ammonia nitrogen concentrations;
· With TwinOxide® control of phenolic and marshy tastes and fishy odors (Chlorophenols cause skin irritation, are liver toxic, biological only poor degradable);
· With TwinOxide® a drinking water quality recommended by the WHO-Guidelines as persistent residual for continued microbial control;