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Chlorine dioxide

What is chlorine dioxide

Chlorine dioxide is a yellowish-green gas and mostly known for its capabilities for water disinfection. It is a chemical compound with the formula ClO2 and tt crystallizes as bright orange crystals at -59°C. It is a potent and useful oxidizing agent and as indicated before often used in water treatment and blending. TwinOxide® is a two compound product that generates chlorine dioxide when dissolved in water.

Chlorine Dioxide molecule structure
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Chlorine Dioxide and water disinfection

Chlorine Dioxide has been used for many years for water treatment, mainly for the elimination of chlorophenols and the oxidation of inorganic compounds such as manganese and iron. It is also being used for the control of taste, odor and color and is recognized by the US Environment Protection Agency as a primary disinfectant. Being a primary disinfectant it is effective against bacteria, viruses and protozoa.

Chlorine Dioxide does not react with many impurities that normally consume chlorine. It will also not form trihalomethanes or other chlorinated organic compounds. Chlorine Dioxide also does not react with ammonia, so it will not form less-active chloramines.


Chlorine dioxide is a highly endothermic compound that can decompose extremely violently. Because of this behaviour it is often prefered to create it without going through the gas stage. TwinOxide® is a preparation solution suitable for many applications, industries and markets.


Because of it's explosive nature, chlorine dioxide is never handled in its concentracted form, but is mostly handled as a dissolved gas in water. TwinOxide® is a very sophisticated and safe transportation solution for chlorine dioxine, so it is a very prefered way of transporting chlorine dioxide.

Use of chlorine dioxide

Chlorine dioxide is primarily used for the bleaching of wood pulp, but is also used for bleaching flour and the disinfection of water. The last, disinfection of drinking water and related applications, is the main use of TwinOxide®.

Chlorine dioxine is prefered over chlorine in many cases. See our page comparison of chlorine with TwinOxide®.

More info

For more information about chlorine dioxide of course you can check Wikipedia: chlorine dioxide on Wikipedia.

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