CurTec en Paul van Camp TwinOxide

TwinOxide® starts with new 10 liter Click Pack pails.

Today we had a visit from CurTec for the first delivery of the 10 liter Click Pack. A high quality pail for our TwinOxide 0.3% Component A and Component B.

Curtec is our supplier of the TwinOxide small containers and pails and we developed the new 10 liter Click Pack together.

We are in the need of high-end quality packaging with the correct certification to protect the chemical powders, also during transport. We were using pails, but these were not good enough for this kind of products, as they could not guarantee to be full air tight and waterproof. The pails could also not carry the weight of several pails on top of each other.

Together with CurTec we found the solution in the 10 liter Click Pack. The Click Pack is definitely water proof, air tight and stable stackable. They are also UN certified and can be filled with 10 kilo TwinOxide powder. The lids are produced in the red of Component A and blue of Component B and our logo is printed on the handles.


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