Brasil Brau Sustainability Award

Recognition is more difficult as the brewing market matures

With the Brazilian brewery expanding annually by stride, quality and demand standards have been growing in the various phases of the production process. And this qualification entails an almost paradoxical need for the industry: while it is harder to stand out, a company needs this recognition to demonstrate that it is capable of offering a differentiated product.

It is no use, in this scenario, to bet on innovations that, no matter how technological or creative, have no practical results. An example was the Business Management Award in Beer, which takes place in Brasil Brau, the largest brewery business fair in the country. In the third edition of the dispute, a technical jury chose winners in four categories, while a popular jury chose winners for two more.

The award is focused on Brazilian brands that are already in the market in the areas of research, production, import, distribution, marketing, communication or beer consumption. Its goal is to encourage the professionalization of beer business management.

In the case of choosing the category of Packaging Design, the winning initiative was the Fáias de Ideias Brasileiras, from the paulistana brewery Tarantino. The award recognized the creative process and the final result, which were inspired by an extensive research of the Entrelinhas Urbanas project, in which an artist from each district of the city of São Paulo graphically represents his region.

The brewery made a screening until the four artists who could give the packaging of the brand the desired urban footprint. “A contemporary thing was everything we wanted, even for being the first factory and production in the city of São Paulo,” says Gilberto Tarantino, partner of the brewery. “We compete in 4 categories, and if it were to choose one would be the same, the packaging. It’s a very legitimate thing from an urban brewery “.

On the other hand, the donation, brand from São Paulo chosen by the popular jury as the best brewery, also underwent a process of maturing in its 5 years of history until reaching this point. “It is very cool that recognition has come by popular vote. It is an indicator that people are enjoying what we are doing, we are going the right way “, comments Luiza Tolosa, founder of the Gift.

The more than 2,000 votes received online, she says, recognize the plurality and scope of the brand’s initiatives. “We have two very clear audiences that we see that we have been attending in recent years: one that is approaching and experiencing craft beer now, and another more geek. We have more high-end beers, creative and a little crazy, but we have the entrance, like IPA, Premium Lager and Munich Dunkel, which are beers for every day, for everybody, for several occasions, “adds Luiza.

Sustainability recognized

In more technical categories, such as sustainability, there is no room for recognizing projects that do not produce tangible results while being financially viable. This is the case of TwinOxide, which implemented the use of chlorine dioxide as a tool to reduce water consumption, in a project developed with the Allegra brewery.

“Reducing water consumption in the production process, especially in a craft beer, is not an easy thing to achieve,” says Rafael Bianchini, manager of the Dutch brand in Brazil.

The main point, he says, was to introduce a new disinfectant that does not require excess water to wash away its residues from tanks and bottles. “It is very effective against wild yeast, bacteria and biofilms, but does not interfere with the characteristics of beer. We managed to eliminate a rinsing step, in which more water was spent. It’s a simple task, but based on high technology, “says Rafael.