TwinOxide chlorine dioxide

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TwinOxide® chlorine dioxide

Water disinfection until today

The most widespread used disinfectants for (drinking) water are chlorine and chlorine-type disinfectants. The use of chlorine is increasingly subject to criticism due to its numerous disadvantages and hazards.

The hazards of chlorine involve both safety and health related risks and effects that can only be avoided by phasing out the use of chlorine and applying a disinfectant with completely different characteristics.

Alternatives for water disinfection

The water treatment industry has been looking for water disinfection alternatives to replace the use of classical disinfectants for a long time. Many chemical and mechanical concepts have been tested and evaluated but with only limited results or new problems to be tackled.

A novel eco-friendly advanced concept for water treatment

With TwinOxide® two component chlorine dioxide powder, the quest for the ultimate water disinfectant has finally come to an end. TwinOxide® is a revolutionary, second to none disinfection concept that has been acknowledged by numerous governments, industries and academics worldwide.

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