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A 0.3% chlorine dioxide solution is prepared as per instructions by taking the requisite volume of water in an appropriate vessel or container and adding the contents of the TwinOxide Component B container to the water. Then the contents of the TwinOxide Component A container are added to the water. After the specified reaction time, which is dependent on the water temperature, the aqueous solution of components A and B are gently mixed and the 0.3% chlorine dioxide solution is ready for use.

TwinOxide is available in package sizes for preparation of the various specific volumes of 0.3% chlorine dioxide solution.

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TwinOxide 0.3%

TwinOxide 0.3% Component A and Component B are solid products for preparation 0.3% chlorine dioxide solution.

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TwinOxide SafeToDose Unit

The TwinOxide SafeToDose Unit is an automated system to prepare and dose the TwinOxide solution.

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TwinOxide Measure Test Kits

We have test kits for manual measuring as well as accurate measuring with a Photometer.

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TwinOxide Display Carton

Our TwinOxide display carton, containing 2 kits of 1 liter, are perfect for testing or sampling.

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TwinOxide Funnels

The Twinoxide funnels are designed for simple and safe preparation of the chlorine dioxide solution.

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TwinOxide Component A and Component B powdered products supplied in sealed plastic containers and tablets should be stored in unopened packaging at moderate ambient temperatures. When opened the complete content of each component must be used to prepare the appropriate volume of TwinOxide 0.3% chlorine dioxide solution.

The prepared 0.3% ClO2 solution should be stored in a cool place and protected against ultra violet light to minimise reduction of the active strength of the solution.

A MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for each precursor, TwinOxide Component A and TwinOxide Component B, and the prepared TwinOxide 0.3% chlorine dioxide solution are available upon request and contain detailed information regarding the products.

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