TwinOxide International BV
TwinOxide International B.V. is the exclusive worldwide license holder, producer and distributor for TwinOxide®. Our headquarters are based in The Netherlands, a country with an extensive history with water. Our rapidly expanding distribution model is based on a network of strategic partners who are able to provide you TwinOxide® for water disinfection in your country.
TwinOxide® water disinfectant
With TwinOxide® we are able to provide you with a total concept of safe water disinfection with an excellent yield and performance without the disadvantage of the traditional applications of chlorine or chorine dioxide. Extensive research has been done during the last decades and numerous scientific tests and application tests in live situations have been done before TwinOxide® was ready to market. We are supported by professional distributors, a large number of scientists, physicians and universities to support you with all necessary data and knowledge based on permanent scientific research. Our customers can be found in a variety of industries and applications where safe and disinfected water is required.
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