TwinOxide SafeTODose

TwinOxide International B.V. has developed a new dosing installation with our long-term partner VLM B.V., called SafeTODose. The TwinOxide SafeTODose unit is an automated system to prepare and dose a TwinOxide solution. The solution is prepared from water and the TwinOxide Component A and Component B in the mixing tank and subsequently transferred to the dosing tank from which it is dosed. The transfer and dosing pump are controlled by a PLC inside the control panel. Two activated carbon filters prevent the release of hazardous gases.

Preparation of the solution

  1. Plug in the power supply cable into a 230V 50Hz socket.
  2. Switch on the transfer- and dosing pumps.
  3. Connect the fresh water hose to the mixing tank.
  4. Open the (ventilation) ball valve of the activated carbon filter.
  5. Open the ball valve of the fresh water supply.
  6. Fill the mixing tank with fresh water (until the green light is on).
  7. Close both ball valves (fresh water supply and activated carbon filter).
  8. Open the bleeding valve of the transfer pump counter clockwise.
  9. Push and hold the transfer pump button for 3 sec. to start priming.
  10. When liquid exits the retour hose hold the transfer pump button for 5 sec. to stop priming.
  11. Close the bleeding valve clockwise (tighten only lightly by hand).
  12. Unscrew and open the lid of the mixing tank.
  13. Add TwinOxide component B to the mixing tank.
  14. Add TwinOxide component A to the mixing tank.
  15. Close the mixing tank, ensuring a tight and secure closing.
  16. Push the button of the transfer pump once to start a 3 hour mixing and transfer procedure.

After the 3 hour mixing time, the TwinOxide 0.3% ClO2 solution is transferred to the dosing tank automatically. The transfer pump will pause when the dosing tank is full. The mixing and transfer procedure will be reset automatically when the mixing tank is empty.

Dosing of the TwinOxide solution

  1. Make sure that the right activation mode for the dosing pump is selected (page 12).
  2. Open the bleeding valve of the dosing pump counter clockwise.
  3. Hold the dosing pump switch to the left for priming.
  4. Release the prime switch when liquid comes out of the bleeding hose.
  5. Close the bleeding valve of the dosing pump clockwise (tighten only lightly by hand).
  6. Set the dosing pump switch on “AUTO” to dose the TwinOxide solution automatically.
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TwinOxide SafeTODose dosing equipment